Monday, April 23, 2018

24 November 2017 Hiking the NCT

The modest snow of the day prior had all but melted. We had the afternoon for playing in the woods and decided on a long overdue visit to the North Country Trail. It was a perfect day for walking a very lightly visited section of the trail. Besides finding a few caches we visited a very large rock formation. The side of the trail was lined with a field of very large rocks. I thought we had visited each section of the ANF near us, but this site would not have been forgotten.

The sunlight and shadows made for a memorable day on the trail.


and Lizzie

appeared to enjoy the day too.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

23 November 2017 Hearts Content

We spent the holiday afternoon with a quiet walk in the Hearts Content Scenic Area. We enjoyed a long walk on the Tom's Run Trail. It was an easy walk. The trail was mostly dry with small areas of light snow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

22 November 2017 Ithaca

I was headed back home to Pennsylvania and winter weather was predicted. I still wanted to get a little trail time and find a few caches so I chose Ithaca. My afternoon started with a dnf at a unique octagonal school house. I enjoyed the unique building although I'm not sure it was a great design for a schoolhouse.

My next stop was at the Cornell Plantations. I enjoyed a short walk along a trail which eventually led me to the arboretum area and an overlook point.

Once the trail moved away from the road traffic, this was a very peaceful walk.

The formal garden area at the edge of the arboretum offered a good view of the lower gardens. There is not much to see in December, but this must be a great view from spring through fall colors.

The cold was made worse with a stiff wind, but I was determined to cache until the weather made the last turn to snow. I moved the vehicle to the main parking area and hit the trial. I didn't last liong. After two more caches, I decided I was done for the day.

I saw enough to want to return on my next visit to the area.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

14 November 2017 Another Find in Aurora

Last year I was at my office and spotted the first praying mantis I had seen in years. This afternoon, I spotted another one. I'm happy for a second chance to see these and wonder why they seem to be visible at the office.

12 November 2017 Another Walk in North Chagrin

When we visited the park a few weeks prior to hunt a multi, we stopped to visit one of our caches on the way back. It had gone missing so we brought a replacement container today. The fall colors of a few weeks ago were now muted while the temperatures had dropped and were near freezing.

We stopped on the boardwalk to watch a large gathering of mallards.

The water nearer the boardwalk showed a different story of the changing weather with ice crystals forming.

We enjoyed watching the cardinals in the brush off trail.

We stopped along the river on the way back to give the dogs a chance to splash in the Chagrin.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

11 November 2017 Richfield Heritage Preserve

Richfield Heritage Preserve is a newer park located on former Girl Scout Camps Hilaka and Julia Crowell. The land was once mostly held as part of the Hoover Estate in 1919 and still shows many of the former features and homes of that part of its past. The Hoover phase was short lived as the land was sold to GSA in 1936 and began to function as a camp in 1937. By 2011, both camps were finally closed as Girl Scout participation and donation revenue plummeted. A conservation effort succeeded in preserving the land as a park now known as Richfield Heritage Preserve.

Although the camp is closed, the grounds still bear remains of its scout cap past.

Old orienteering course post

The park has some huge leaves from tulip trees.

I'm not sure how the Buckeye Trail was resolved as it passed through the park in the old scout camp days, but the trail played a small roll in the preservation effort.

We had two dnf's for the day. Both of them were at caches near waterfalls. The first was at this small waterfall.

Lizzie and Phineas enjoyed the outing.

I'm guessing this woods course was the last new work put in the camp.

The larger waterfall is rally attractive. It looked super in its fall colors. The volume of water dropping was not large on this day, but there are deep pool ares at the base that tell of the flow these falls can see.

We started at the bottom and eventually made a long look at the top. It's hard to devote time to a tough hide in a location like this while making certain Liz and Phin stay safe. We will return alone for this find.

We enjoyed our visit immensely. It's too bad outdoor activities are no longer a priority for youth unless it is an organized sports activity. They are missing an opportunity. We're glad the area did not become a housing development.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

7 November 2017 Looking Out My Window

4 November 2017 Mt. Baldy

We planned for a day at Allegany State Park starting with a long walk on the NCT to a cache called Old Baldy. The climb is a modest 800 feet with some bushwhacking to the peak which is claimed to the the location of an old indian fort. The leaves were mostly down, but the walk was pleasant.

Lizzie is a rugged trail dog, but here desire to sniff can extend any hike. She's a marked contrast to Phineas who starts barking if we stop too long while signing a log book.

The top of Old Baldy and the cache.

The questionable old indian fort remains. This looks just as likely to be some remnant of the CCC's time in the park area.

We stopped in the are where a tornado hit the park in 1990. The tornado moved ten miles through the park and touched down nine times. Our next find was near the regrowth of one of the heavily damaged areas. It has been interesting to stop here over the years and watch the damaged area regenerate.

The cache we were seeking required a stream crossing. The normally sedate crossing was much trickier today as the stream was fast, deep, and cold. Phineas and I took the plunge and made the find.

The two crossings required a bit of boot draining after our return.

Our last stop was a short hike to a night cache that we actually completed after sunset. We don't hunt many of these in the dark, but this was a quick hunt with the dogs on a fairly open trail.