Sunday, March 24, 2019

14 October 2018 New, Old Wheels

The steelies on our Miata were starting to look  a little tired.  The trim rings are still perfect, but the steel wheels are showing age.  I had two options to freshen up baby.  Have the steel wheels reworked and powder-coated or switch to alloys.

I was contemplating black powder coat to update the look.  Ali wanted silver.  Adding alloys to Miata has always been a thought.  With a Miata, there are few choices for alloys which are light enough to not change the handling of the stock car.  There were also few alloy rims with smaller profile tires.  I held off and procrastinated until I finally got the brilliant idea of looking on Craigslist.  There were three options available from different generation Miatas including a pair of first generation daisy wheels.  These weren't offered when we purchased our Miata, but gave an interesting option of updating the look.  We were off to Canton to look....

The wheels were great and soon in the back of the sport ute.  A quick look at the gps said there was a park nearby with caches.  We were off for a walk.  It's a relatively new neighborhood park.  We enjoyed a loop around and a couple cache finds.

After the park walk, we stopped for a visit at Stark Park's Esmont park.  We were hoping to spot a few ducks on the stream, but the water was quiet today.

We returned home, and I transferred the new (old) wheels to the Miata.  The dogs were restless so we were off for one last park walk at Metzenbaum.

Monday, March 18, 2019

12 October 2018 '57 Chevy Police Car

I stopped in Chagrin Falls to visit Fireside Book Shop.  My parking spot was just across from police headquarters and the force's '57 Chevy was parked outside.  I don't think this is a vintage police car or ever saw duty as one, but it is a fun take on a '57 Chevy.  It is available for expensive tours of the Village.  These rides make the Mayberry Police Car rides an easy bargain.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

9 October 2018 Lunchtime Waterfowl

I was back the the office and decided to visit Sunny Lake Park for an afternoon walk.  Before leaving, I stopped to see the ducks at the office pond.

Sunny Lake was lacking the usual waterfowl but was hosting five immature coots.

Days are getting cooler and shorter.

6 October 2018 Caching Indiana (PA)

We were starting our return home with a visit to Indiana County.  Our day started with a visit to the quiet Pine Ridge Park.  Unfortunately as we arrived so did the rain.  We found a place to park and wait knowing big rain storms tend to pass quickly.  Our patience was rewarded with sunshine and good trails to visit.

We hoped to do a loop in the park, but eventually ran into a newly cut gas road.  Wet heavy clay from  gas road activities can ruin a day and a vehicle's interior so we did an up and down.  On the way up we headed for a cache on the other side of Tom's Run.  The cache was a low terrain hide so we assumed the heavy flow in Tom's Run was from the recent downpour.

We decided to pass on the swift crossing and stayed with the quiet woods walk.

Crossing the muddy pipeline road was not in the plan.

On the way down we stopped to see if Tom's Run was any less roaring.  It had instead gained even more flow from the rain run-off.  The earlier clear water was now a murky brown from the lousy erosion prevention work done by the pipeline company.  😠  Run-off control isn't exactly a difficult process.

We enjoyed Pine Ridge Park.  It is a relatively new addition and a fun place to visit.  Our second stop was at Yellow Creek State Park.  I had visited the park ten years prior, but it was our first visit together.  We made and easy find near a pond by the park headquarters.

I picked up a hitchhiker.

The rain once again started heavily as we were walking to a cache at a bird blind in the park.  The bird blind was one of the nicer designs I have seen and worth a walk in the rain.  It would have been even better had there been any passing waterfowl to watch.  The water was quiet during our visit.

We made a last stop in the college town of Indiana, Pennsylvania and made a rare visit to a webcam before closing our day with a multi cache.

Friday, March 15, 2019

5 October 2018 Ohiopyle and Other Adventures

We started our day with a visit to Finzel Swamp.  We were looking forward to this visit to a new location.  Our visit was going to be made under the cover of dense fog.

It was a peaceful journey.

We were looking for a cache near this small pond.  The cache appears to be gone, but the pond was a perfect place to stop and watch the world.

Our walk included a number of small birds alongside the trail.  Our journey brought us our first sightings of Tennessee Warblers.  The image does no justice, but we may never spot them again.

The dew made intricate spider webs very visible along the trail.

A flicker in the fog

We made a stop at Ohiopyle State Park.  Our time in the woods was short, but we spent time exploring the Youghiogheny River.

There's not too many places where you can be this close to roaring water.

The water slides were awesome!

Our last stop of the day was a visit to Bear Run Nature Preserve.  These quiet woods are adjacent to Fallingwater.  It was a perfect location to wind down the day on the trails.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

4 October 2018 Maryland High Point

We have visited a modest number of state high points.  We were close enough to Maryland's to pass it by.  We met an older couple near the start of the walk.  They were on their way back from the climb.  We spoke for a few minutes and found they were on a journey to find multiple high points.  It seemed like a noble journey to us, and one we would enjoy.

There was of course a geocache near the high point.  It had a high terrain rating so we were expecting a brisk hike.  It was actually quite easy.

Despite the overcast skies, the views were interesting.

We were also hunting benchmarks near the high point and stopped at a boundary marker near one of the benchmarks.

After a long hunt to find the cache we moved on to the high point.

Ali at the highest point in Maryland

The view was good too.

The clouds we were watching finally moved in.  The day got really dark before the rain started.

The rain passed and gave us an opportunity to spend the rest of the day at a planned visit to Deep Creek Lake State Park.  We spotted an unexpected open ice cream stand on the way.  Saffiticker's was a pleasant surprise with tasty cones.

We were greeted at the state park by a great blue heron on a boat dock.

We stopped for a loop around the lake.  The lake is pleasant, but the area is heavily developed.  The sounds of roaring powerboats were intrusive even on a fall day in October.  In better weather months it must be difficult to drown out.  After the lake loop we retreated to a quiet hike in the woods.

It seemed as though the park added these planks to make the trail less muddy.  It was slippery this afternoon from the rain.  It must be treacherous with a little ice and snow.

The spaces between the planks were dense with rattlesnake plantain.  It seemed like an odd place for an orchid to grow, but the plants were very plentiful.

We finished the day on the trails in these woods.