Monday, June 24, 2013

Eva... 2004-2013

Eva's First Day Home

May 2005 with me and Gwen at Kinzua Reservoir

October 2005 along the trail to Minister Creek

Thanksgiving 2005 at the Pennsylvania house

January 2007 caching near Titusville

July 2008 running through a tall field in Clarion

Tanbark Trail

March 2009 on the rocks in Cook Forest State Park

May 2009 geocaching the Dylan Trail from Tanbark to Chapman

July 2009 at the geocache Dobby's Home in Elk State Forest

February 2010

April 2010 Geocaching in the ANF

September 2010 Oil Creek State Park

May 2011 in the ANF at Gwen and Eva's Superior Hide

June 2011 eating blueberries in the ANF

September 2011 on the North Country Trail

October 2011 splashing in a stream on the North Country Trail

November 2011 first surgery

November 2012 running through tall grass at SGL109

January 2013 leading the way at the Rookery

February 2013 at Woodcock Lake

5 May 2013 along the Clarion River the day after finding there was a tumor

11 May 2013 walking the Western Reserve Greenway Trail

26 May 2013 a last visit to Dobby's Home in Elk State Forest

1 June 2013 playing on a log during her last visit to PA

12 June 2013 Eva's last hike was in Lake Metroparks' Penitentiary Glen and included a trip to the base of the gorge
Eva loved...

Curling up with Ali.
Sitting in front of the fireplace in PA.
Climbing on rocks, and logs, and benches.
Playing in streams.
Running through tall grass.

She will forever leave a hole in my heart....

Six weeks was not long enough to say goodbye...

I will always long to once again hear your thundering feet as you raced through the woods from smell to smell.

Goodbye Evadell, Eva the Diva, Delphinium, Sweetie, Duckie... You were the gentlest dog I ever met.

Her tag said Mama's Baby (and she was).

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Goat Haunt said...

I'm saddened to hear about the loss of "Little Eva!" I enjoyed caching with her over the years. She didn't let her modeling career get to her head. Maybe because she was "that other dog." Sydney over here reminds me quite a bit of Eva.