Saturday, November 28, 2009

5 November 2009 Sanborn

The fall sun setting in the west really lit up the clouds to the east.
3 November 2009 Ariel Comes Home

Friday, November 27, 2009

31 October 2009 Carving Pumpkins

My Scary Cat...

Ali's More Traditional Carving...

Is it me or do the eyes on Ali's pumpkin look suspiciously like the state of Ohio? Is the time for a move out of Ohio growing nearer?
27 October 2009 Columbiana County

The Teegarden Bridge was once one of 250 covered bridges in Columbiana County. Today, there are five. This was was built in 1876.

An artesian spring near the bridge

The gazebo in downtown Lisbon, Ohio
25 October 2009 Erie County Cemetery

Two Civil War Veteran Graves

Old Pennsylvania veteran marker

We were hunting a cache in this area so I wanted to stop and walk this old cemetery to see if there were any Revolutionary Vets here. We were here a number of years ago looking for a since archived cache. At that time, the cemetery was being maintained, It looks as if the site is now abandoned. Blackberries and a number of shrubs have gotten hold of a large portion of the grounds. In a few years, the burial ground will be barely visible from the road. Someone appears to be trying to keep alive the memory of those buried here. There were a number of fairly new homemade pvc crosses marking grave sites where the stones are now gone or only fieldstones exist to mark a grave.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

21 October 2009 Goldie's Last Ride (with me)

Four the past few months, Goldie has been my company car. She has been with me for over 6,000 miles. I usually don't remember names for company cars that I like. I remember the dogs. Wanda the Wicked White Whale was my company Cadillac sedan when I worked for BP. It seemed to believe that all cars are supposed to travel perpendicular to the road during snow. Stinky was with me earlier this year. It was a minivan that smelled and gave me a headache whenever I drove it. Goldie was different. She was loyal. She was big, but always gave 27 mpg. It was time for her to return to PA and for me to get a new vehicle.

Travel well Goldie...

21 October 2009 Linda Falls

Bridal Veil Falls in Bedford Reservation are nationally noted falls. The 30 foot fall over shale is quite scenic. Bridal Veil Falls is also on the Buckeye Trail. When we headed out this evening, I expected a pleasant walk in the park. As we turned to the woods and left the main trail from the parking area, I barely noted a sign pointing toward Linda Falls. I had never heard of the Falls. We were walking the Buckeye Trail, a mostly sad attempt at a cross-state trail. I was very happy to find this is an extremely nice section of the Buckeye Trail. This is one of the best sections we have hiked with steep ravines and nice terrain changes. It is also the section that includes Linda Falls. These falls will not make anyone forget the size and grace of Bridal Veil, but the falls are centered in a large sandstone bowl. When we were there a serene single stream was flowing. It was a sound worth stopping for on the trail. The light was failing so the pictures do not present the beauty of the area, but it is on my list of places to return in daylight.

19 October 2009 A Vacation Day in Lake Metroparks

Indian Point Park

Paine Falls

Hell Hollow Wilderness Area

A visit to Paine Creek is a nice payoff after the steps.

Hidden Valley Park

This stretch of river used to be a favorite fishing hole. It was a stopping point on quiet Friday evenings.

Lakeshore Reservation

It had been a long time since we stopped to visit this graceful park. The old estate still has its old stone work, a number of abstract art sculptures, the remains of the boathouse and some of the largest rhododendrons in Ohio. It also boasts one of the nicer places to see the afternoon sun fade away.

Ali can skip stones much better than I can.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

18 October 2009 Pennsylvania All Counties Challenge

I never really thought much of finishing this. PA is a big state and while we have a lot of caching time in the northwest part of the state and other favorite areas to visit, there are just some spots that are not on our normal travels. When I took a new job at work suddenly different counties became a part of my travels. This year's trip to Shenandoah finished the journey.

We were surprised when we got to the parking area to find another caching couple parked there too. we first saw logs from the Yurtles when we were on a trip to Pine Creek Gorge a few years ago. We saw a lot of their logs while hunting AGT caches. Today we got to meet them in person and complete our journey together.

After we found the cache and had visited for a bit with new found friends, we headed off with the geodogs for more adventures. It has been a long time since we visited Raccoon Creek so I was happy we were able to stop. Our visit was back to Frankfort Mineral Springs. It's a great area for walking. The iron stains from the mineral springs are really large.

A visit to a scenic covered bridge and a visit to Raccoon Church were the last stops of our day. The congregation was founded by Ali's great-great-great-great-great grandfather and the church was built in 1781. It was sad to see that the church has closed since our last visit, but it has renewed life as a wedding hall.

How else would we celebrate?

Frankfurt Mineral Springs

Lyle Bridge

Raccoon Church 1781

Saturday, November 21, 2009

17 October 2009 Caching Cleveland Metroparks

11 October 2009 Sheldon Marsh

We stopped by hoping to see a few warblers along the trail. We found the warblers, but I missed the pictures. We always see great blues in the marsh when we are here, but today included one that had moved over to the surf on the beach. Wise move. This was one well fed heron. We finished our adventure with a trip to Tofts for ice cream.