Saturday, July 30, 2016

24 April 2016Spring Near the Allegheny River

Maybe this spring is showing signs of a mild winter, but most flowers seem to be heavy with blossoms. It has also been a good spring for spotting less common salamanders and many, many ducks.

For years I've looked for leeks on our property. The surrounding woods seem to have an abundance, but none in ours. This morning we spotted a few along the trail.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

23 April 2016 Gardner's Rocks

It was a perfect day to return to the Hatch Run series. This afternoon we were headed to the Gardner's Rocks area in Collins Pine. Collins Pine is a timber management company which kindly shares it's properties with those who want to walk their lands. The day was filled with blue skies.

Tadpoles were swimming in the pools beside the road.

We spotted our first mourning cloak of the season.

Violets, trilliums, and trout lilies were in bloom.

We both saw our first jumping mouse. It jumped once across the trail and made a second shorter jump before pausing long enough for an image.

Lizzie was happy to give herself muddy toes.

She's getting more used to a camera.

Phineas was happy with ammo cans and great smells.

Our hike took us through an active logging area.

I had never seen an attempt to hold a split log together.

This wasn't our first visit to the rocks, but they are quite impressive and fun to visit.

Monday, July 25, 2016

22 April 2016 Yard Toad

When we arrived at the house in PA, this big toad was sitting near the house. Luckily Phineas and Lizzie were smart enough to not pick it up.

21 April 2016 Manito Park

It was red-eye night for me on a return east. If the last day of my Spokane trips go well, I have a short window to visit a park and search for a few caches. I had been to Manito once before on a day of cold and extreme ice. I was there briefly and let with no finds. This evening, I had much better weather and time for a walk around the park.

The 100 year-old park includes formal gardens. I was here too early for the gardens but was able to enjoy some blossoms in the greenhouse, from the trees, and the early plantings.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

20 April 2016 Iller Creek Conservation Area

This was my second visit to this area. The year prior I had visited in early summer to walk in hot, dry woods which were a huge fire danger. I never got near the rocks at the top and stopped my walk early to get out of the dried woods. This evening the area was almost lush and perfect for a return visit and a long hike to the rocks.

The goal for the hike rose up in the distance.

Ypu never know what might be waiting on the trails in Spokane. This old stretch cab was so beat up I couldn't identify the make. I think it may be a Nissan.

At least someone planted flowers. ;)

The area at the top has an interesting bit of history. An electric train used to pass through the Iller Creek area. Spokan residents would take the train to a nearby stop and hike to this peak in nice weather to enjoy a picnic lunch before catching a returning train back home. It gave quite a view.

19 April 2016 Newman Lake

Besides a nice small lake, Newman Lake has good hiking trails and geocaches. It was wild turkey evening around the lake. These were a few of those spotted on the way to the trailhead.

The trails are mostly flat or lightly rolling with a few climbs. Spring wildflowers made for pleasant finds.

I didn't reach the lake on my first visit. This evening I was able to visit the lake and enjoy the views, Snow-covered Mount Spokane is visible from a couple of spots along the shore. Despite the light snow of the season the peak was still showing the remains of winter's snow.