Saturday, February 26, 2011

23 February 2011 On The Road Again

20 February 2011 Another Murder

It was a 70's disco murder this evening. Most of us wore lame excuses of the disco days, but Rich and Barb were splendid in their polyester fashions.

She doesn't look like a murderess or does she?

19 February 2011 Ashtabula

Most of the snow was gone, but the wind was stiff so I was a little concerned about caching a county along Lake Erie. It turned out to be a super day. We started by hunting three caches along the Ashtabula Greenway Trail. We covered a few miles for the three finds and finished the day hunting some of the many unfound covered bridge caches we have in the area.

We finally figured out where the first stage of the tough Windsor multi is supposed to be, but neither of us spotted it. It was the one place today where the wind made caching really tough.

Friday, February 18, 2011

18 February 2011 False Alarm

Sunday, February 13, 2011

13 February 2011 Scenes From a Sunset

12 February 2011 Deep Snow Drifts

Gwen has been on the mend for almost two weeks. Once the sedatives from surgery wore off, she quickly demonstrated she is athletic enough to roll on her back, push against a piece of furniture and use her hind legs to kick off her collar. She has also shown the she knows the seat cushion of the sofa and the coffee table are the perfect height and distance to trap the collar as she pulls her head down and escapes from the collar. After a quick removal of the bandages the evening of surgery, she had behaved and not bothered the dressing for a few days. We snuck off Sunday afternoon for a few caches and returned to find she had removed her sock, taken off the bandages, and started working on the stitches. That meant no more alone for Gwen while she was recovering. It also meant no more walks in the evening and no more caching.

We were both in need of some time outdoors as was Eva. The day was also too nice to spend indoors. So today Gwen got a plastic bag over her foot, and we headed off to do some caching. It was easier said than done with waist-high snow drifts, but we managed to find a couple. For the really deep snow, Ali got to crawl through while I was the dog handler. Some days holding the leash on the walks is a good thing. ;-)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 February 2011 Run Bambi Run

6 February 2011 Caching Summit County

Dr. Bob

Monday, February 07, 2011

5 February 2011 A Snowy Day at Lakeview

Marker Inscription:
Over the Wall... The Intrigue of the Unknown

Saturday, February 05, 2011

2 February 2011 Gwen After Surgery

Gwen was still groggy after her surgery, but when awake and walking she looks like a little dog flower with her collar.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

31 January 2011 A Morning Visit to South Chagrin

30 January 2011 Six Miles

It seems as though every time I visit Patterson's for cider, there is a woodpecker in the trees bordering the parking lot. This one had bored a nice hole in this tree.

We spent the afternoon at Center Valley Park in Twinsburg. We left the car at the northern parking lot and spent the afternoon walking the park and the surrounding neighborhood. For the afternoon, we hunted twelve caches and found eight. The deep snow takes its toll on finds although I am fairly certain one was missing. The DNF's are good reasons to return for a nice, long walk once the constant snow has finally left. Our six miles were a high-point for the year so far.