Sunday, May 29, 2011

29 April 2011 Listening for Peepers

Lots of peepers and birds too on our short walk this evening. The mushroom looked like a small lamp with the sunlight passing through.

27 April 2011 Wildflowers at Meztenbaum

Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 April 2011 Trout Lily at Sunnybrook

23 April 2011 Exploring the Minister Creek Area

Our stream was running about as high as we have ever seen, but the wildflowers were everywhere. Our hepatica was about a week away from its full glory.

After a nice walk at our place, we headed to the Minister Creek area to replace a group of our caches along a trail and to once again hunt the Minister Creek Overlook cache.

It was amphibian day on the trails. We were surprised to spot a couple red-backed salamanders on our walk. We also got to see many red efts in the abundant vernal pools along the trail.

We searched for the Minister Creek Rocks cache last fall without a find. We knew the owner had replaced the cache with a larger one and wanted to return for a find. Today we made the find, and were treated to huge clusters of hepatica in bloom along the middle section of the trail.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

22 April 2010 Old Farm in Crawford

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21 April 2011 Cleveland skyline from Chapin Forest overlook

Monday, May 16, 2011

17 April 2011 Corry Rail Trail

Yesterday's rain finally cleared out in the afternoon, and we wanted some walking. There were new caches along the Corry Rail Trail so we made this a stop on the way home. We were really amazed at the number of bloodroot along the trail, It was the most we had ever seen in one spot. Most of them weren't open yet, but they were still impressive.

I can't say much other than oops on this situation. The poor Toyota driver started on the green light across the bridge in front of me only to find half-way across the semi had run the light and was in the single-lane of the bridge. Guess who had to back up? (Think BIG) Unfortunately, the driver of the car could not back well. The rear passenger side got squished on the concrete barrier. :-(

16 April 2011 Lots of Water

We got to spend a wet morning walking the property hunting for signs of wildflowers. Our normally quiet stream was running strong.

Ali's ready for the rain.

This nice stream is located in the ANF near the AGT- Warren- Whispering Woods cache.

We actually spotted this bright rainbow in Clarendon when Ali saw a guy with a camera looking up towards the sky. The end of the rainbow is very close by.

Bubbles in a mud puddle at our last cache. We dnf'd this cache in the winter. Today we wondering how we missed it. The area has interesting history. It was one of the stops for a light rail line that used to move people around Warren County.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

15 April 2011 Academia/Pomeroy Bridge

This 1902 beauty is the longest remaining covered bridge in Pennsylvania. It's out of the way and takes a little driving to visit, but it's a grand old bridge. The bridge is 270 feet long. It is nestled away from traffic on a quiet road with a picnic table nearby.

This is the first covered bridge I recall with thin decking planks perpendicular to the travel direction. It was an interesting feature that an engineering geek couldn't pass by. ;-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

14 April 2011 Boiling Springs

Monday, May 09, 2011

13 April 2011 Carlisle Bound

It was grey and raining most of my trip east. While passing through Venango County, there were flood warnings on the radio for drivers. Once I was past State College, I really wanted to stop for a few caches and was willing to put up with the rain. My first stop was for a cache along a stream near the arched rock.

I stopped for a cache near a boat launch on the Juniata. The river was quite high with the shoreline trees below water.

It had been a while since I had gone for a 3+ terrain cache. There is a game lands in the gap just north of Carlisle. I've cached here before and really enjoyed my visits. By the time I reached here, it was nearly sunset. The walk out and back was surprisingly easy. The cache hadn't been found since last fall so I was concerned, but it was nicely hidden in a small rock face. The sunsets here would be great. The shot tonight was a good summary of the day... lots of grey with a hope of blue skies coming.