Wednesday, September 30, 2009

6 September 2009 Cookies Canyon

It was our day to hunt for cache number 6,000. We wanted one to find with the dogs and one with a nice hike. Our friends Pegasis said Cookies Canyon had the best view in McKean County. After we reached the top, we agreed. We also got to meet dlfenster at the cache. Gwen and Eva didn't get along with their dog. He was uber-dominant and both of them decided they weren't to keen on being with him. After the big milestone, we enjoyed a great afternoon of hunting Pegasis' caches and a few nice hides near the ghost town of Dahoga. The late summer wildflowers were great with a surprise spotting of gentian at one of the caches.
5 September 2009 Biking the Eddy

4 September 2009 The Great Geauga County Fair

Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 September 2009 Night Cache

Ewwww... Cache guardian at stage one

It's a spooky bridge at night.

We rarely cache at night anymore, but the Geauga Park District had placed a night cache in their annual mix of caches. We brought the dogs with us and enjoyed the walk. The finds were easy and the weather was perfect. At the end we treated to a great view of a bright Venus high in the sky near the moon.
30 August 2009 A few caches in Warren

Friday, September 25, 2009

29 August 2009 Making a Walk for the Border

If you are near the Pennsylvania/New York border and walk the North Country Trail, you will find this border crossing. The Allgheny National Forest is on the PA side while Allegeny State Park is on the New York side. The trail is really attractive here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

26 August 2009 Two Tough Multis at Bond Lake

23 August 2009 ASM and Swine Creek

22 August 2009 Biking Canal Fulton

It was a perfect day to be out. we only got to bike a few times this summer, but we made the most of them. Canal Fulton is a great place to ride. The tow path makes a great ride out. A quick pedal across a canal bridge gives access to a very nice rail trail for a loop ride. The town is also a bit of a tourist attraction so it makes for a nice ride on the journey.

The lockkeeper's house...

We found this woolly bear on the side of an ammo can. It was the shortest woolly bear I have seen. Does a short woolly bear mean a short winter? :-)

This old foot bridge over the canal has been replaced, but it was a really nice looking bridge at one time.

I did something really stupid at our last cache. I had signed the log and was getting ready to put it back in the container when it fell from my hands, through the floor of the bridge and into the stream below. It was moving fast and long gone before we had a chance to run down and retrieve it. Thankfully, we had paper and made a new log for the owner.