Sunday, March 28, 2010

21 March 2010 Farnsworth and Lakewood, New York

Eva chose to cross the stream rather than use the makeshift bridge.

The Farnsworth fish hatchery was built in 1941 by the CCC.

First Colts Foot

Chautauqua Lake

Sunday, March 21, 2010

20 March 2010 On the Way to Warren

Veterans Memorial Albion PA

1895 Truss Bridge in Crawford County

Late snow on the small pond at Union City

Union City Reservoir

Recent Beaver Efforts

Saturday, March 20, 2010

19 March 2010 A Mild March

The warm weather has finally unearthed just about everything that was covered in a couple feet of snow at the start of the month. For lunch today, one of my staff and I took a walk in Cleveland Metroparks' Bedford Reservation. She is planning to hide a cache in the area around Bridal Falls. A good walk at lunch has amazing powers for healing mental health.

Lately we have been having a lot of people enter our facility's property without permission. They always seem to head to the same area and leave after a few minutes. It's not a place where you would make the mistake of driving thinking a road went through. A railroad track runs the entire length of our property. We've asked the local police force to assist with stopping the visitors, but this afternoon I took a walk around the area to see what might be the attraction. If I didn't know better, I would think someone had stashed a geocache back there. At worst, I am concerned about drug drops. In the end, all I found was a little stand of spring flowers. It's odd they are here since the area was excavated a number of years ago to construct a building. Since they can't be a leftover, someone must have planted them. We'll never win landscaping awards for our property so the flowers are a strange, but pleasant, sight.

In the evening, we took the dogs to Whitlam Woods. We like the park because it has a challenging loop for an evening walk and is really quiet. Years ago, we were at this park when we saw our first woodcock together doing its spring dance. We were hoping to spot our first woodcock of the season this evening, but the sky near the parking area was quiet. Over the years the small meadow at the edge of the parking lot has gotten filled in a bit with woods reclaiming the land. I think our days of hearing woodcocks here may be over.

17 March 2010 Looking for Skunk Cabbage

Chris had hidden a new cache in a park near our house so we decided to find the cache and hunt for skunk cabbage. We found both and had a super walk at the park. Afterwards we stopped at nearby Metzenbaum Park for a little more walking near sunset. We were treated to our first spotting of wild turkeys roosting in the woods at this park. Northeast Ohio has a lot of nice days, but rarely the deep, blue sky of today.

14 March 2010 Vernal Pool and Murder!

Our permit had arrived for our Cleveland Metroparks cache in North Chagrin so we got some exercise on a wet and dreary day by placing the physical stages. This one's about as easy as our caches get and has a short walk. It's located in a quiet place where few people ever visit and has gotten nice comments so far so we're happy. We hoped to find egg masses in the vernal pool (we're geeks), buy it was still too early.

Our afternoon and evening was spent with friends at a murder party. It's the first one we've ever attended. Everyone had a great time. I was honored to be outed in the end as the murderer.

Kathy as Doctor Angela Death

Mary Jo and the Mummy (aka Chris)

Could Ali really be a murderer? Check out the "diamond" spider ring.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

13 March 2010 Cleveland Heights Station #3

11 March 2010 Early Evening Walk

It won't be long before this favorite walk is filled with the sound of spring peepers. For this evening, the walk was filled with the sounds of red-wing blackbirds back for the spring.

Monday, March 15, 2010

10 March 2010 Cache Maintenance

Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 March 2010 Tom's Run

My memory card/camera gremlin has returned. I lost the best of today's photos. Maybe it's time for that Olympus.
6 March 2010 The End of Just Batty

2 March 2010 Easter Bonnets

I was surprised they sat still for these.
28 February 2010 Maggie

We didn't wake up this morning expecting to say good-bye to our cat Maggie. She was fine when I fed her breakfast at five, but by ten in the morning she was unable to walk on her hind legs. We took turns holding her and trying to comfort her for the next two hours until our vet was available. She confirmed that Maggie was suffering from saddle thrombosis with little chance for a normal, happy recovery. We said good-bye to Maggie about 12:30. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the cross country race in the Olympics in stunned silence. We ended our day with a quiet walk in North Chagrin.

Maggie was destined to be a barn cat in Pennsylvania before we adopted her. She never grew much bigger than five pounds and had the softest fur I have ever felt. She was a gentle soul. I am glad her pain was short. We will miss her. Rest well Maggie.

Maggie (1998-2010)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

27 February 2010 Retrieving A Cache

Ali was down with the flu. Once she was resting with the comfort of the dogs, I headed out for a few errands and a walk. The permit for our cache in North Chagrin would be expiring at the end of the month so one of my stops was to remove the stages. It wasn't snowing before I left home, but the snow was back in force before I got to the park. I don't remember seeing this large park so deserted before. I saw only three other people on my journey. With all this snow, I decided to think spring and went to the local nursery to buy seeds for the garden. A number of people were thinking the same thoughts as the store was fairly busy for a very snowy day.

Friday, March 05, 2010

21 February 2010 Geauga and Ashtabula

We spent a cold, sunny day caching and waymarking in Geauga and Ashtabula. I wanted to post the LeRoy Grange to the Grange category. While we were in the area, we stopped at the Thompson Town Sqaure for a cache and a few Waymarks.

1869 Thompson Town Hall

Thompson Gazebo

Thompson's Gazebo is interesting. Each section of the ceiling of the gazebo is made from a different type of lumber that was donated by a local resident. The sections are made from ash, sassafras, hemlock, chestnut oak, maple, white oak, white pine, and cherry.

The South LeRoy Meeting House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jefferson's Town Hall has architecture that is different for this area.

We hadn't planned on visiting Jefferson, but we weren't being very successful at caching and there is a Zippy location at the diner. In the end, we found only three caches. I had to dig two out from the ice. The heavy snows have made much of the counties a parking adventure.