Monday, July 21, 2008

12 July 2008 Vacation Starts :-)

We had this great plan for where we were going for vacation. We were supposed to be in Port Allegheny by Saturday evening. Well we got a late start; then decided to cache a bit in Crawford County, and finally decided to stay at our place Saturday evening. Oops. Vacations are for changing plans.

We finally finished the AGT cache on the PA side of Pymatuning. Fish, Fish, Ducks is one of the near ADA caches. We knew where the final would be. We just had to be here when the office was open. We also went for French Kiss on French Creek. We took the wrong way into this cache. It was a brutal bushwhack, and I fell into a hole on the way. Once we got there, we found the 'right' way out. DUH. We didn't feel so bad when we were near the end of the trail and heard other cachers going in the really painful way. We called out to them and got to meet Rhelt100.

We also got explore the Ernst Bike Trail in the Meadville area. We had a great time walking a really nice trail (one of these days we will actually bring our bikes). The monarda looks great this year. We have never seen so much in the wild. Day one wasn't what was planned, but it was quiet and pleasant. What more is there?

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