Wednesday, December 31, 2008

28 December 2008 LoCo Caching with GG

I don't think I've ever cached in Lorain County during pleasant weather. Today was no exception. The blue skies were amazing, but the wind was howling. Ali and I were surprised when we made a stop at the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. It seems that the old, unbuilt housing development has been taken over by Lorain County Metroparks. The sidewalks are gone as is most of the scrubby undergrowth. They've added paved trails and maps. This means most of the geocaches will be tossed out, but the park is really looking pleasant. It was a cold day, but any day out caching is fun. A quiet hot chocolate stop was the perfect end.

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Anonymous said...

Finally I was able to visit this area today. Came with both miatabugs and thought "How sad for those with dreams unrealized" and "How fortunate for the area residents" that this area is preserved for their outdoor enjoyment.

Interesting look at the photos you took of the area earlier in 2007.