Thursday, October 08, 2009

12 September 2009 The Last PA Counties

With only three counties remaining and our hotel in one of them, it was a certainty we were going to finish the last counties today. We started in Allegheny County. It's always seemed a little strange that we had zero finds in this county, but we made ammends in the morning. We stopped at a county park and enjoyed a few walks along their trails. We tried for an old cache for the Jasmer Challenge, but our gps was routing us to a landfill. Instead we settled for a visit to the Montour Trail.

After a visit to see the church where the leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion gathered and a visit across the road to see some Revolutionary War graves at Mingo Cemetery, we made our way to an outstanding park in Mingo County. There were some nice, old hides here and some tough terrain. We really enjoyed the park. There are multiple covered bridges across Mingo Creek so we stopped for a few visits. With the counties done, it was time for Virginia.

This fungus looked like cotton candy.

Revolutionary War General John Hamilton

The Covered Bridges of Mingo Creek.

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