Saturday, May 29, 2010

12 May 2010 Holden Arboretum Plant Sale

It has been a number of years since Ali and I were able to visit Holden together during the plant sale. This year was pure luck. Ali got finished with work early and I was finished at the hospital much earlier than I expected. There used to be one big sale at this time each year. It was amazing. It was one huge party with a few thousand plant freaks (like me). A few years ago, they split the sale into three sales to match selling times with the best time for planting. It makes sense for the best way to handle the plants, but I really enjoyed the old, wild sale. This one is quiet and pleasant. It was nice to spend a couple hours together here.

This is the wildflower tent where all our money goes for deer food disguised as plants. This year we purchased wild white geraniums, wild columbine, pink turtlehead, and virginia bluebells. The deer decided wild white geraniums were perfect for their diet and ate most of the four plants before they made it into the ground.

We found sessile trilliums and rattlesnake plantain at Buckeye Perennials.

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