Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 October 2010 Along the NCT

We started a nice, long walk along the NCT at the Allegheny Reservoir. It was a bit grey, but a good time for walking with the geodogs.

The Army Corp has lowered the water level in the reservoir making this fish habitats visible. I never knew these were here.

Hepatica waiting for next spring.

Sugar Bay near dusk

It must have been a long day.

It was a perfect day on the trail. Our day got a little strange when we heard singing in the woods. We soon realized the source of the singing was about two dozen youth. The dogs were a hit when we stopped to say hello. One of the adventurers noticed the gps units and told us they were lost. We soon found out this was a group from Malone College near our home. They had gone for a walk as part of a class outing and made the wrong turn on the trail. Despite the group leader's objections that all was fine, they needed directions. Ali helped get them turned around and on the right path while Gwen and Eva got lots of attention from the students.

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