Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 February 2011 Deep Snow Drifts

Gwen has been on the mend for almost two weeks. Once the sedatives from surgery wore off, she quickly demonstrated she is athletic enough to roll on her back, push against a piece of furniture and use her hind legs to kick off her collar. She has also shown the she knows the seat cushion of the sofa and the coffee table are the perfect height and distance to trap the collar as she pulls her head down and escapes from the collar. After a quick removal of the bandages the evening of surgery, she had behaved and not bothered the dressing for a few days. We snuck off Sunday afternoon for a few caches and returned to find she had removed her sock, taken off the bandages, and started working on the stitches. That meant no more alone for Gwen while she was recovering. It also meant no more walks in the evening and no more caching.

We were both in need of some time outdoors as was Eva. The day was also too nice to spend indoors. So today Gwen got a plastic bag over her foot, and we headed off to do some caching. It was easier said than done with waist-high snow drifts, but we managed to find a couple. For the really deep snow, Ali got to crawl through while I was the dog handler. Some days holding the leash on the walks is a good thing. ;-)

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