Saturday, July 09, 2011

19 May 2011 Portland

Today was day two of our hunt for the Triad. The Original Stash is the place where it all began for a dedicated geocacher. For us, it was the weakest leg of the Triad. The plaque and cache is a true park and grab. The road to the cache is lined with park and grabs. Still, it was the location of the first.

Our plans after the original stash were to hunt the two oldest caches in Oregon (two oldies from 2000). They are located on National Forest Land but require access through private logging lands. When we arrived at the gate marking the private land, there were clear markings that the road was closed. The gate was open, but the sign said the gate could be closed at any time. The sign on the gate had a phone number for the office which we called. The office phone was a recorded message stating the road was now open, but only for foot travel. With over eight miles of driving ahead to the first cache, there was no way we could pull off an unplanned twenty mile hike so we sadly turned back and re-grouped.

Ali suggested we hunt a few caches at Salmon River. We drove over to the parking area and hit the trail. Ali's suggestion was perfect. The trail along the Salmon River was a nice mix of waterside and woods. We had a great view of Mt. Hood, found some super caches, and enjoyed spotting a number of interesting wildflowers.

Our evening was spent with friends in downtown Portland. We got a quick walk around town and enjoyed a great seafood dinner. After dinner we grabbed a cache and made our way to Powell's Bookstore. This place is amazing. We are always looking for the next book to read so the thought of over 1,000,000 titles was like brain candy. We spent about an hour roaming the aisles. I hoped for another state's American Guide series, but had no luck.

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