Sunday, March 04, 2012

18 February 2012 Another stop at SGL109

State Game Lands 109 in Erie County Pennsylvania is an important place to many geocachers. It is home to Pennsylvania's oldest geocache and one of the few remaining caches published in 2000, the first year of geocaching. The oldest cache is really close to the parking area and a very short walk. For years, the rest of this gamelands was home to only a few caches that weren't visited too often.

The ten-year anniversary of geocaching changed that a bit as more caches were placed and an event was held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of State Game Lands #109. This big gamelands was a destination for many attendees of GeoWoodstock last summer. We hadn't been here in a long time and were looking for a place with lots of room to walk.

There was no snow as we headed out, but that soon changed as the snow started just after our first find. We found a handful of the newer caches here and left a number for a return or two more. It was good to have a nice long walk as winter starts to wind down.

The wetlands very near the oldest cache in Pennsylvania. If your hunting the cache, its best to walk past and approach from the woods; otherwiase, you will get really wet.

Our first find was down a short trail in a small stand of hemlocks.

Once we were back on the main trails in the wetlands area, the snow started to fall faster.

This is one of three gamelands I have visited with live tracks running through.

I've been on a mission to spot my first skunk cabbage of the season. while Ali was signing a lg book, I walked down to the water's edge with the dogs and spotted a few. Happily Eva missed stepping on them.

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