Tuesday, August 14, 2012

26 May 2012 Caching Warren

It was a quiet morning waiting for Ali and the dogs to arrive. I enjoyed a peaceful sunrise on the deck before doing some outdoor chores.

We don't spend as much time at the Pennsylvania home as we once did. Since my work changed, the travel schedule keeps me away so often that driving here can be a chore. While Ali was not working, she covered the driving for me when I was too tired. We used to have almost all the Warren area caches found and waited eagerly for new ones. Now we try to visit the local ones once in a while to keep up with the unfounds. This afternoon we were hunting for caches in the northwestern part of the county.

Our last few finds were near a wetland with a nice chorus of frogs. The woods near the wetland made for a good ending point for the day. As an added bonus, Ali has looked a long time hoping to find indian cucumber root in blossom. Indian cucumber root has an interesting two-tiered leaf structure. This evening, I stopped along the turning point of the trail and happened to lift up the top leaves of one of the plants, There below was the blossom. Sometimes, I get lucky.

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