Friday, October 12, 2012

5 July 2012 Falls and a Tunnel

We had an unexpected mini-vacation so we took the opportunity to return to the Clarion portion of the North Country Trail to find a few more caches on the geotrail. Our adventure today included the 3/4 mile long Rockland Tunnel. The tunnel was amazing. With a bend in the path the tunnel got really dark at the midpoint. We were on foot and hadn't worried about navigating with a bike so our means of illumination were the two gps's.

Daylight is a pinhole at the center.

Once we were through the Rockland Tunnel there were other caches nearby. We decided to continue walking and make a visit to the Rockland Furnace. The 1832 furnace is in good shape and is tucked away in the woods.

Freedom Falls are very close to Rockland Furnace. The drought had really slowed the flow over the falls, but the view was still quite pleasant.

Ali at the top of Freedom Falls

After making our way back trough the tunnel we started our journey north. In between stops alonf the CNCTGT, we stopped at an out of the way place to find a cache at Porter Falls. These falls were also fairly slow because of the drought, but were in a quiet area and were a nice view.

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