Thursday, February 25, 2016

31 October 2015 Fall on the NCT

We decided to take a cool walk on the North Country Trail to continue four-year journey to find the caches in the North Country GeoTrail (NCTGT). We were on a section of trail headed north from Route 321. It's a wonderful section of trail with stream crossings and nice woods.

We took a side trail to search for an out of the way geocache we hadn't found. We were surprised to find a camp along the way. We were even more surprised to find the cache container with a threatening note. We signed the log and moved on.

We took a different path on our walk back. We found a location with old electrical outlets. At times it's easy to forget the lives and people who used to call the Allegheny National Forest their home. The signs of the former residents have faded in the 50 years since the towns of Kinzua and Corydon faded into the past, but every now and then we see a sign of that past.

Interesting birch roots

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