Sunday, September 11, 2016

21 May 2016 ASP Geobash

The weather at Allegany State Park is usually one of two extremes. Either the day is hot and sunny or there is some precipitation. Today, like last year was a day of rain. It rained enough for the group photo to be taken inside the event tent for the first time. Signal spent most of the time under cover too.

We still enjoyed the day very much. One of my favorite activities as a reviewer is participating in reviewer panels. Today's panel was well attended with lively discussions.

We spent time indoors visiting with friends and hoping for a change in the weather. Eventually we realized the weather was not going to improve greatly so we did what cachers do. We hit the trail in the rain. It wasn't always raining, but it was always. We still enjoyed our time with friends and were happy to be on the trails.

Painted Trilliums were plentiful and at their peak.

I had no idea fairy homes existed in the woods, but someone had placed one off the trail at Allegany State Park.

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