Wednesday, July 19, 2017

8 January 2017 Canal Time

We planned to spend the afternoon in Stark County with our first stop Canal Fulton. Stark is close enough to home to be a "short" drive. It is far enough south to have generally less snow than home. We were starting the second phase of the Stark Parks GeoTour. We really enjoyed the time searching for the first part and were happy the second part had been released. Our first few finds made me wonder if the second series had a chance of being as much fun as the first. These hides were weak in places where weather and other threats would keep them at risk. The time outdoors was still worth the adventure. The snow was as light as we had hoped.

The lock by the gatekeeper house was frozen in place. We found the cache and moved on to a second short walk on the canal.

Our walk along the canal included a really creepy doll along the far bank.

There was a lot of open water along the way, including the Tuscarawas River. Hopefully, it was a sign of a mild winter.

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