Monday, February 04, 2008

2 February 2008 The Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center is a non-profit nature preserve in Stark County Ohio. The site is geocacher friendly and was hosting a night caching event. We spent the day caching with GeaugaGarmin and got to the nature center early enough to grab two regular caches before the event. Once we got to the event, New York friends Dove78, meriadoc, and Dave w/o id joined us for an evening of hunting caches in the woods. Most of the night time fair set up for the event was fairly easy so we were really glad that the staff gave a nod and allowed the six of us to go back into the woods for a permanent multi and regular. We had a great time.

Many thanks to all the visitors that have pushed this site past 2,000 hits. I hope you've enjoyed the photos.

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