Monday, February 04, 2008

28 January 2008 Ambridge to Carlisle

I had a half-day meeting in Ambridge at a new facility we are operating. After the meeting I had the afternoon to hunt a few caches and drive east to Carlisle. I was hoping for a few new counties on the trip (got that), a find on one of Lep's caches (missed), and a visit to one of Lep's Waymarks (got that). I also got lucky with an amazingly blue day. The day was so colorful, I quickly forgot all my whining from the day prior. I found the Waymark in the pleasant, little town of Mars. I also found a flying saucer in the center of town and a few Waymarks to post. The first photos are taken from the area around a recently restored passenger station in Mars. On the way east, my last find was a really old cache (April 2002) called Girlie Cache. The cache is located at a lookout that overlooks a valley to the west. The last photo is shot looking north from the lookout area.

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