Saturday, March 20, 2010

19 March 2010 A Mild March

The warm weather has finally unearthed just about everything that was covered in a couple feet of snow at the start of the month. For lunch today, one of my staff and I took a walk in Cleveland Metroparks' Bedford Reservation. She is planning to hide a cache in the area around Bridal Falls. A good walk at lunch has amazing powers for healing mental health.

Lately we have been having a lot of people enter our facility's property without permission. They always seem to head to the same area and leave after a few minutes. It's not a place where you would make the mistake of driving thinking a road went through. A railroad track runs the entire length of our property. We've asked the local police force to assist with stopping the visitors, but this afternoon I took a walk around the area to see what might be the attraction. If I didn't know better, I would think someone had stashed a geocache back there. At worst, I am concerned about drug drops. In the end, all I found was a little stand of spring flowers. It's odd they are here since the area was excavated a number of years ago to construct a building. Since they can't be a leftover, someone must have planted them. We'll never win landscaping awards for our property so the flowers are a strange, but pleasant, sight.

In the evening, we took the dogs to Whitlam Woods. We like the park because it has a challenging loop for an evening walk and is really quiet. Years ago, we were at this park when we saw our first woodcock together doing its spring dance. We were hoping to spot our first woodcock of the season this evening, but the sky near the parking area was quiet. Over the years the small meadow at the edge of the parking lot has gotten filled in a bit with woods reclaiming the land. I think our days of hearing woodcocks here may be over.

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