Saturday, March 20, 2010

14 March 2010 Vernal Pool and Murder!

Our permit had arrived for our Cleveland Metroparks cache in North Chagrin so we got some exercise on a wet and dreary day by placing the physical stages. This one's about as easy as our caches get and has a short walk. It's located in a quiet place where few people ever visit and has gotten nice comments so far so we're happy. We hoped to find egg masses in the vernal pool (we're geeks), buy it was still too early.

Our afternoon and evening was spent with friends at a murder party. It's the first one we've ever attended. Everyone had a great time. I was honored to be outed in the end as the murderer.

Kathy as Doctor Angela Death

Mary Jo and the Mummy (aka Chris)

Could Ali really be a murderer? Check out the "diamond" spider ring.

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