Wednesday, July 14, 2010

19 June 2010 More EMGT

We were back on our quest to visit the 35 towns of Cattauraugus County as part of the Enchanted Mountains Geotrail. After the first find in a hunting area near an old schoolhouse, Ali suggested a stop at a non-EMGT cache. When we got to the parking area, it looked like a walk across a wet land (or a wet meadow). Our journey started with a great blue heron taking off from a spot very near to us. Then as we walked across the field, Ali spotted these different birds. After a better look she realized these were bobolinks. Not rare, but a new bird spotting for us.

We moved on to an EMGT cache along an old rail trail. The rail train was quiet except for four or five cedar waxwings spead out among a few trees.

We finally got a chance to start our hunt for the Bear Creek Madness multi. I've wanted to do this cache since a visit to Olean a few years ago. There are nine stages hidden in Bear Creek State Forest. Eight of the nine stages has three coordinates. The ninth stage is the final. You find a stage go to one of the other sets of coordinates which may or may not be the final. We found four of the nine stages with no final, but we'll hopefully be back.

Our last stop brought us to an outstanding little fishing spot in Ashford. We knew there were supposed to be coordinate issues with stage one and really out-thought the cache owner. We had pretty much given up when we were joined by another couple. She spotted the hide very quickly and had us both smacking our heads for missing a simple yet very effective hide.

Between our arrival and locating stage 1 about 30 minutes later, the blue skies and light clouds of the day had turned to a deep grey. We decided to call it a day when the skies opened.

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