Wednesday, July 14, 2010

18 June 2010 Thomas the Tank Engine

I was heading back home to Warren from Carlisle and planned to cache my way home. Since I am a lousy navigator when I am not driving, things get really interesting when left to my own devices. I started my afternoon by hunting and not finding a cache on this nice covered bridge. I had started to look for the cache when I realized that ground zero was home to more than one yellow jacket. I decided to enjoy the covered bridge and move on.

The snake was not the cache guardian.

I was actually able to find the virtual at East Broad Top. ;-) We've been through the town a few times, but never had time to stop. This afternoon, I had the time and a Thomas the Tank Engine Travel Bug that wanted to visit other trains. There were enough trains and train equipment on this trip to make Sir Topham Hatt jealous, including a roundhouse, a turntable, and an engine shed.

The Turntable

The Orbisonia Station at East Broad Top

Just down the road from the East Broad Top, I stopped to see this steam switcher. It's in need of TLC, but the boiler and most of the drive unit looks good.

I ended my big train day with a stop at Roaring Spring to see their train depot and a nice Pennsy Caboose. Chief (my Dad) would have enjoyed the ride home.

My last stop was to visit the Riddlesburg Coke Ovens. These and the Leetonia (Ohio) Ovens are amazing. There's a great bit of technical history here.

There wasn't much caching today, but the journey was great.

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