Thursday, May 26, 2011

23 April 2011 Exploring the Minister Creek Area

Our stream was running about as high as we have ever seen, but the wildflowers were everywhere. Our hepatica was about a week away from its full glory.

After a nice walk at our place, we headed to the Minister Creek area to replace a group of our caches along a trail and to once again hunt the Minister Creek Overlook cache.

It was amphibian day on the trails. We were surprised to spot a couple red-backed salamanders on our walk. We also got to see many red efts in the abundant vernal pools along the trail.

We searched for the Minister Creek Rocks cache last fall without a find. We knew the owner had replaced the cache with a larger one and wanted to return for a find. Today we made the find, and were treated to huge clusters of hepatica in bloom along the middle section of the trail.

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