Monday, May 09, 2011

13 April 2011 Carlisle Bound

It was grey and raining most of my trip east. While passing through Venango County, there were flood warnings on the radio for drivers. Once I was past State College, I really wanted to stop for a few caches and was willing to put up with the rain. My first stop was for a cache along a stream near the arched rock.

I stopped for a cache near a boat launch on the Juniata. The river was quite high with the shoreline trees below water.

It had been a while since I had gone for a 3+ terrain cache. There is a game lands in the gap just north of Carlisle. I've cached here before and really enjoyed my visits. By the time I reached here, it was nearly sunset. The walk out and back was surprisingly easy. The cache hadn't been found since last fall so I was concerned, but it was nicely hidden in a small rock face. The sunsets here would be great. The shot tonight was a good summary of the day... lots of grey with a hope of blue skies coming.

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