Saturday, June 04, 2011

30 April 2011 Caching the Western Basin

We planned to drive to East Harbor and hunt a few multis. I used to spend a lot of time at East Harbor as a youth. It was a favorite place for me to go with my friends when I was in high school and college so I am always happy to return for a visit. Since we had seen a number of warblers the evening before, we decided to stop at Sheldon Marsh with the expectations of a big birding walk.

Our surprise when we got to Sheldon Marsh was there were very few birds for watching. We spotted a few egrets in the marsh and saw a snake with a big bulge waiting for its last meal to digest. The big find of our walk was a nice spotting of pie-billed grebes.

We cut our walk at Sheldon Marsh short and headed to East Harbor and some caching. Once at East Harbor, we were pleasantly surprised to spot a number of warblers including a nice yellow warbler which I actually managed to capture in an image. We found a multi and dnf's a multi before heading to West Harbor.

There was a multi and a cache we were pretty certain was buried in the sand along the beach. We bombed the multi and never found stage 1. We also spent a lot of fruitless time digging in the sand for the second cache. After we had given up on both, we decided to dirty cache the multi. After looking at a number of spots, Ali found the final for the multi. :-)

We were on our way back to the parking lot when we noticed another person walking towards us. we both commented that it looked like our friend Chris. Imagine our surprise when we realized it was our friend Chris. What kind of coincidence is it when three Geauga County cachers are at the same park many counties away? We said hi to Chris and found he had been at a nearby family function and decided to try avenging his dnf at the beach cache. He offered to share the hunt with us. It was an easy yes to spend some time visiting with a friend.

Chris had brought his small hand-held metal detector since the cache was supposed to be below a plate. we returned to the area and began searching again with Ali marking off a grid; Chris sweeping to detect the plate; and me digging to bring up the cache. After some searching we found the plate, but no cache below. Still, we had a lot of fun playing pirates on the beach. After our search we went off to see if we could spot a few benchmarks. We located one near the start of the pier. I took a wet walk down the pier to look for a second, but had no luck.

This is a tough way to fish.

Arrrh... muggled.

It was a wet walk out looking for a second benchmark.

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