Friday, June 17, 2011

8 May 2011 We Came For The Flowers...

Really, we did. Yes, there were a few caches, and I spotted a few Waymarks to post, but this trip was all about the flowers. Ali had visited here last year with a friend and raved about the flowers. It was certain we were visiting this spring. It was as good as she said. Poland Woods is in Mahoning County.

There were acres of bluebells. They were everywhere. They covered the ground. They filled stream banks.

They lined the trail.

They even came in pink... wouldn't that make them pinkbells?

The amazing thought is bluebells weren't even the 'star' of the show. The real winner was sessile trilliums. These are supposed to be common in Northeast Ohio, but we've never seen them before visiting Poland Forest. Ali had seen one cluster last year. Today we made our way back to the spot and there they were.

Ali was thrilled because there were a lot more in this location than last year.

I feel like I'm in a wildflower infomercial... but wait there's more. As we continued to walk the trails, we continued to find clusters of sessile trilliums. The one cluster she saw soon became many.

In fairness to the 'other' flowers, there were just lots of flowers in bloom at this wonderful place.

Poland Municipal Forest is in Poland, Ohio in Mahoning County.

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