Sunday, October 30, 2011

18 August 2011 Genealogy and The Spot

I was traveling to Cortland for work and Ali joined me with the thought of taking a few vacation days along the way. We stopped at a few locations along the southern tier for some genealogy work for Ali. We were in the area many times in past years, but hadn't been back since a gps and digital camera became standard items with our travels. We've been revisiting places with the digital camera and the gps to mark grave markers and old homesteads.

We hunted a few nice caches along this converted rail trail. There are interesting old bridge structures along the old rail grade.

This old roadside spring house was built in 1927 and features some interesting art work panels and water spouts for the spring. The spring still appears to be flowing in the structure, but the internal plumbing for the spouts has been vandalized.

Our only real caching target for the drive was a visit to The Spot. As a 2000 cache, it was one of the months we needed to qualify for the Jasmer Challenge. Most of the older caches we visit are there because they were great places to put a cache and an interesting journey. The Spot fit that description perfectly. It was a nice, long walk along a pleasant ridgeline with the cache near a view at the end of the walk. We both really liked this find.

After we finished with The Spot, we grabbed a few additional caches in the surrounding area before calling it an evening. The caches we found were fun. We left a lot of unfound stuff for maybe a return trip some day...

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