Tuesday, October 04, 2011

30 July 2011 MWGB and Beyond

We actually did a little caching on the way to Midwest Geobash. We're usually really late leaving the hotel and barely have time to make the reviewer panel. This mornign was a little odd since we were out the door with time to hunt a few. We stopped at a small reservoir along the way. We ran into a cacher from Texas on our walk and had a nice visit. We also saw this osprey who was hunting on the shallow side of the dam. The osprey proved it knew where the fishing was good by grabbing a fish and heading off for breakfast.

We ended up spending more time at MWGB than we had planned. As we were parking, we spotted Liz and Wes a few rows away. MWGB was their 4,000th find. We were happy to be able to spend a part of the day with them. We attended the reviewer panel and then were off to grab the fairgrounds caches. Liz had tried the Whereigo's the evening before with her Oregon so I gave it a try with Droid. We weren't the only people having no luck with the first one. We gave one more a chance and walked away from the remainder. We made a stop at the commercial area where Ali grabbed a couple of coins and we were off for the day.

Liz and Wes

Craig (Geo-Sarge) with Signal

Most years we take MWGB as a good reason to visit Michigan for some caching and sights. This year, we were planning to push a few Ohio counties to 10 and head for the Prairie Cemeteries before returning home so we cached locally for a good part of the afternoon before heading for Marysville. We had a lot of fun on the bike trail and were able to say hi to a number of cachers before moving on.

Just Opening...

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