Saturday, April 28, 2012

17 March 2012 West Side Caching

I was tired from all the traveling, and Ali is still getting used to being back at work so we decided to spend the weekend in Northeast Ohio.  There is a new multi in Huntington Reservation so we made that our target cache for the afternoon.  We stopped for a few along the way including avenging one of Ali's old dnf's at this nice park.  The warm spring weather had brought a lot of people to the river to play and relax.


We've been to this area of Huntington before, but it was wet and late  The first stage of the multi was under these old interurban supports.  The Interurbans had left northern Ohio long before my time although I was able to ride one at Trolleyville before it closed.  This series of supports carried the Lakeshore Electric Railway from Cleveland to Toledo.  My dad used to ride this as a kid to Lorain and the Lake Erie Islands.  It's an odd bit of Northeast Ohio history.

Ali knows if I have my camera and we are caching, I am always heading off on bunny trails with the camera. :-)  There were nice spring beauty blossoms (and the final of a multi) on this bunny trail.

It was a pleasant surprise to find an early-season soft ice cream place open after we ended our caching day with a dnf on a multi.  We both enjoyed our visit to Fenik's.  We were both really thrilled at the owner.  These days someone who seems to generally enjoy doing business and meeting people is a lot rarer.

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