Monday, February 04, 2013

28 October 2012 Bisbee

The bumper sticker says it all. After the mine tour, we made our way over to Bisbee and dropped the rental in a parking lot. Our first stop was at an odd retail store that was a mix of vintage items and local stuff. The shop is the home to souveniers for Zed's Zombie Ranch and the Zombie Miners' local. We each gathered a souvenir from the trip and headed off to explore.

Ali had found a puzzle cache that gave starting coordiantes for a local landmark and progressed with a walk about town looking for other items identified on the cache page. It was a perfect way to explore Bisbee. The town is unique. It is a mixture of old mining town forced into a space between and the up the side of the mountains and a strange artist colony. We both had a great time walking through the town. After we climbed all over the stairs throughout the town and found the cache we headed off for a climb to a cache overlooking the town. An afternoon of caching and exploring the town followed by a really nice pizza in town made for an enjoyable day.

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