Friday, February 01, 2013

28 October 2012 Queen Mine Tour

The silver mines in Bisbee are no longer in production, but for 100 years they yielded an incredible amount of copper, silver, and gold. The underground mines were closed in 1975, but Queen Mine was re-opened in 1976 as a touring mine. It is an amazing journey into the earth. Once you arrive in the mine areas, it is clear how dangerous this work was. It was a great journey and one I would gladly make again.

Our tour guide was a former miner and shared first-hand experience of his time in the mines. He was a super tour guide and made the experience much better.

Into the Mine.

The journey goes about 1/4 mile into the mine. The path very quickly becomes pitch black with periodoc green bulbs. The guide stops 100 feet in the mine and offers a chance for those with second thoughts to leave. I thought the guide was joking until a number of tour members jumped off the stopped mine cars and walked back to the entrance.

There's a few stops where tour partipants get to leave the mine cars and walk in the mine. The stop took up the stairs and into one of the last active mine areas.

Ali looks quite happy.

This was not a part of the mine's wellness program. It must have been a tough pedal to get around in the mine.

Yes, this is what is appears to be. I would not want to be the person who got to bike this payload out of the mine.

Friends sharing a moment together.

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