Monday, May 27, 2013

10 March 2013 Park Walks

Our dog Eva's a gentle soul. Her mast cell tumors have started to arrive more frequently. She just had multiple removed in a long surgery. Two of them were along a joint in her leg leading to uncomfortable stitches. The day before we had gone for a short walk in two local parks to spend some time together. Eva was wearing her e-collar, but managed to get around the collar and remove a number of stitches. Our vet was wonderful and spent her Saturday evening re-closing Eva's incision, but it was clear we had to be with her at all times or else she would try removing the sutures. Ali spent the late morning and early afternoon away from the house while I took the late afternoon and early evening to get some time out. I stopped for a walk at Punderson State Park followed by a visit to West Woods. There was still a little snow on the trails and the ponds were partially iced over, but the birds sounded great and I was able to spot the season's first colts foot.

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