Monday, May 06, 2013

23 February 2013 Visiting Woodcock

Woodcock Reservoir is a very pleasant place to walk. Since it is on the "southern" route of our trip to Pennsylvania, we only visit in the winter and usually with snow on the ground. Today was no different. A local geocacher had placed a series of caches along the old road that was flooded when the reservoir was created. It was a fun walk and a great way to pass a winter's day.

I had mentioned to a colleague the day before that I expected to find skunk cabbage on this outing. It was late in the afternoon before I spotted the first of the season, but a few had melted a patch of snow in a wet area. By the time we finished, the light was fading. Our last hunt was a dnf near an old abandoned Chevy. The car must have driven off the road or wrecked long ago when the road was still in service.

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