Monday, July 29, 2013

11 May 2013 Walking the Western Reserve GeoTrail

We never seem to finish this geotrail, but we always enjoy our time on the path. It was a grey day with a few spots of rain so we had most of the trail to ourselves for the day. We did get to see an unusual closed bike along the trail.

Eva was having a good day and seemed to enjoy her walk.

This old railroad line includes sections with super wildflowers. The variety ranges from carpets of phlox and wild geraniums to large groupings of bloodroot and false solomon's seal. It makes a pleasing walk.

They look so well behaved when there is a dog treat in play. ;-)

This is the first place I have seen bluebird boxes attached to the outer rails of pedestrian bridges along the trail. There were no bluebirds in view this evening, but we have see a number of them farther south on this trail.

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