Friday, July 12, 2013

4 May 2013 Benson Swamp

Eva suddenly bounced back from multiple days of being sick and listless. We knew the bad news was most likely to be confirmed early the following week so we decided to take her to Pennsylvania to enjoy the trails as long as possible. There were a new series of caches at Benson Swamp so we stopped for those. Benson Swamp is a mix of swamp and forest. We started at the swamop end and made our way to the wooded area. We were both hoping for a few wildflowers on the way, but were happily surprised by one of the larger spring wildflower displays we have ever seen. It was a special mix of carpets of one type of wildflower mixed with a large variety of different flowers. Our last stops were a high terrain climb to a nice overlook. Ali spotted a number of interesting fossils on the way of the trail. We were both glad to have another day of Eva with us to enjoy the trails.

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