Tuesday, February 04, 2014

25 September 2013 Mine Falls and Pawtuckaway

It's a good caching day when you visit two parks and both have enough caches and trails to spend the day. After breakfast at the diner, we started our caching day with a walk along a rail trail. Ali had solved one puzzle on this trail before our trip, and we had found the answers to a second puzzle with a walk around the town square the day before. We enjoyed the walk, but were really impressed with one hide.

Can you spot the ammo can?

Can you see it with a closer look? Neither could we which is why we liked this hide so much.

Mine Falls Park features New Hampshire's oldest cache, very nice hiking trails, and lots of caches. This was a really busy, large urban park so muggles were a problem, but the caches were fun finds. There were a number of herons in the park. They seemed accustomed to human presence and were easy to photograph.

Puffball Fun

By the time we reached Pawtuckaway, the blue sky was gone and rain was threatening. We were both impressed by the trails at the park. They were challenging with terrain changes, climbs, and lots of big rocks.

Both parks deserve a return trip. If we have to choose on a future visit, Pawtuckaway will win because it is more remote and has more challenging trails. It's much better to end a day wishing for more time at two parks than wishing there had been one nice visit.

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