Saturday, February 08, 2014

26 September 2013 Meeting Friends

The opportunity of meeting friends from Ali's time in graduate school sealed our vacation plans for Maine and surrounding states. Three of us had gathered in Portland a few years prior. This year, Ali was able to spend some time with both her grad school friends.

One of the friends has roots in Ogunquit with a family home that traces back to the first residents. We were lucky to visit the home and share its history before spending the day visiting the shore and the beach. The years have flown by and too many have passed since we were last all able to visit in San Francisco. The day was too short, but it was a perfect day in Ogunquit to spend a day being a tourist with friends.

It was fun to see the pedestrian lift bridge in action.

I'm not a big lobster fan, but the scallop roll was really good.

We looked for the cache at Webhannet Falls, but missed the find. We settled for a visit to the park and falls.

Our last stop of the day was a waterside find along the shore at Webhannet. The park seemed as though it was deserted but the cache was a fun chance to explore and be by the water.

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