Friday, May 23, 2014

26 December 2013 Ashland County

We pass through Ashland County a number of times each year, but rarely stop to cache. There are a lot of roadside micros at retail stops along the four-lane near the exit. They aren't our typical caching fare so we usually move through. Over the last year, the county park system has issued a number of permits for geocaches. Since Ashland is close and I was still mending, a visit to the flat, easy trails of central Ohio seemed like a great way to spend a day together during the holidays.

This was a perfect day to lie to yourself about the weather. The day was sunny and bright with warm temperatures for Ohio in December. There was open water and where there wasn't the ice was cracking and getting ready to leave. If you closed closed your eyes, it was almost possible to believe that this would be a mild winter which would pass soon. It's good I don't predict weather for a living. ;-)

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