Friday, May 09, 2014

28 November 2013 Thanksgiving

We were supposed to find our 11,000th geocache today at a night cache in the woods behind Edinboro University. It didn't happen.

On Monday evening, I started taking antibiotics for a chest infection. I felt great Wednesday. By Thursday morning, I was seriously ill. I shouldn't have been on the road or geocaching, but we find milestones together in Pennsylvania with the dogs. Ali was heading home to visit family and to enjoy some time caching near home so we tried to reach 11,000.

The snow was really deep on the trail. I was chilled and had no energy or strength. The caches were in deep hiding. We needed a few finds for number 11,000. Somehow we found a multi near the image. After that, we missed a second find along a stream, and the adventure ended.

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