Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1 March 2014 Detroit Airport at 6 a.m.

This is probably not the place to be at 6 a.m. if you've had a rough night.

After walking the disturbing tunnel and finding out the maps were outdated because there are no more Tim Horton stands in the airport, I decided to just hang out at the gate and watch this frustrated sparrow who was trapped in the terminal.

My flight was on time. :) When I arrived in Cleveland, Ali met me at the airport with Gwen and Phineas. After much happiness was shared we were off to Rocky River Reservation for a few caches. Our first cache became our last for the day at Rocky River. We hadn't expected the trails to be icy still. Our first walk was along a trail near the river. In better weather, this would have been a fun journey. With a very happy and excited beagle, I was just happy to not fall in. The only thing stranger than us walking this trail was a family with a toddler on the trail. We enjoyed watching ducks at the open water, found the cache and headed for the safer terrain of Hinckley.

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