Sunday, February 22, 2015

26 September 2014 A Rare Visit to Boston (New York)

I used to pass by or through Boston many times a year. My work changed and my travel patterns changed so visits to the area have become infrequent. I had hoped for a long walk on the trails at Hunter's Creek Park, but a late departure altered my travel plans. I stopped instead for a much shorter fall walk at Boston's Community park.

While making my way southwest, I hunted a multicache which left me at Scrabble Hill Cemetery, a quiet, old cemetery and the resting place of two Revolutionary War veterans.

My other plan if I were really early on my departure was a stop for hiking in beautiful Zoar Valley. That plan went away with my late departure, but I was able to stop at a new ice cream place in Gowanda before heading home to Pennsylvania.

Days usually aren't this blue in Western New York.

Nice roof truck

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