Sunday, February 22, 2015

27 September 2014 Caching Grunderville

This should have been a perfect day of caching. The weather was great, and there were 26 caches hidden along a series of trails. Grunderville is a heavily developed new oil and gas area with few sights to see. When I go geocaching, the finds are nice, but are low on my priority list. I should be able to find the caches so I can move on and enjoy the trail. These caches were hidden to really make a hunt. Micros in the woods are little fun for me. Still, it was a day out with Ali and the Geodogs. Our journey included a the surprise of meeting another couple caching along the trail. We have greatly enjoyed their hides in the Niagara Falls area so it was fun to say hello and walk a bit together.

We were happy to spot a few taller chestnut trees.

The trails and hiding areas were filled with large spider webs. I spotted this one before walking into it,

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