Wednesday, July 15, 2015

12 April 2015 Another SGL

We started our day with a walk at our home looking for birds and wildflowers. The hepatica wasn't yet in bloom, but we were able to spot a few birds.

We stopped for a long walk at SGL143. It was early for spring flowers, but it was the warmest day yet for hiking. We found a series of caches and a few other interesting sites.

We both spotted this different acorn cap. Neither of us recognized it, but a look on Google showed it was from a sawtooth oak.

Ali spotted a few chestnuts from one of the trees close to the trail. The nearby chestnut had signs of blight, but it was still a survivor and on of the few times we've seen chestnuts along the trail.

We also spotted a rock with many shells imbedded in it. The shells were still in great shape locked in this ancient rock.

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