Sunday, July 19, 2015

15 April 2015 New Harmony

I decided to head west after work to find the caches in a new county. After a disappointing visit to a state park, I made my way to the town of New Harmony, Indiana. New Harmony started life as a utopian community founded by Lutherans from Pennsylvania. They left after ten years to return to Pennsylvania (they had enough of the mosquitos on the Wabash?).

After the departure of the Harmonists, the town was purchased with the goal of establishing a community of shared wealth and resources. Today it is a quiet home to about 900 residents and a tourist attraction. I arrived as the town was setting up for a weekend art show. I enjoyed a few finds and a quiet walk around town making the relatively long drive back to my hotel. The only real break to the quiet of the town were three owls very near town. It was the first time I had noticed three owls triangulated and completing what sounded like a call and response. I was within 100 feet of one ot the owls.

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