Sunday, October 04, 2015

23 June 2015 Saltese

I made my second visit to Saltese Uplands Conservation Area. There area is a perfect place for me to spend a summer evening. The area is wide open and quite hot.

The area is well known for raptors hunting overhead. We saw multiple hawks on our first visit. This evening's visit was no different.

The bees were active this evening with the remaining blossoms.

It seems there are more missing caches here than ones to find. This evening, I looked for three and found one. Ali and I had looked for two of the three on our prior visit here. At least this evening, I was able to avenge one of the dnf's. It took spotting a toy on the ground which could only have come from the cache hidden nearby. It's easy to hide a very tough hide in a very small container in rocks. I go to places to enjoy the area not spend my time searching so it was a short hunt for all three.

I was so surprised at the great view I had of a badger that I missed a perfect photo opportunity. I did capture a nice image of this bluebird.

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